Spanish to English-English to Spanish Translators

Why the Spanish to English-English to Spanish translation Google tool becoming so popular these days?

Well, I would say there are two major reasons for this: one is the accuracy of translation this tool provides –I think it is more effective than other translators around that cost you money; the other is that it is FREE; yes, 100% FREE! Which is many people's favorite reason.

My name is Paul Briceño and I am a native Spanish speaker. I would like to share with you the tips and techniques that I used to learn English.

First of all, I'd like to talk about translators. They are perhaps most people´s favorite tool to use to make things easier; however, they are not really helpful when you are trying to learn a new language.

I am not against them; on the contrary, I think that they are great tools that we can all benefit from –especially if they are FREE like the one from Google that I mentioned above. But in my opinion, translators are not helpful if we are trying to learn a new language, simply because we let the translator do all the work for us, and as a result, we do not learn as much. I think the best way to use a translator –if we decide to do so– is to use it only as a dictionary.

Another aspect that I believe helped me to learn English faster, was actually not translating anything at all, but instead thinking in English and identifying items just by looking at them without trying to translate the items' names in my mind.

For example, if you see a table, don't think of it as a "table" but rather as a "mesa". It may sound difficult at first, but with practice you can master anything. Watch television, listen to radio stations, and read books even if you do not understand some words in the language you want to learn (you can always use a translator in these situations). Doing all these things frequently will definitely help you to identify actions and items.

Learning the new language from a native speaker is very helpful for your accent. If you want to learn Spanish, I can help you providing you are committed to do so. I am not trying to sell any course here. This is my contribution to the community since this great country opened its doors for me to achieve my goals in life.

The way that I am going to share this with you is by challenging you for the next 30 days. Not because I want to prove to you that these techniques really work, but for you to see for yourself that you can master anything only by practicing. To get results, you need to watch the videos and read the lessons out loud every day for the next 30 days –even if at the begining you do not understand what you are saying.

If you want to make any comments to improve this program or if you need some help, please feel free to speak your mind, but I will not tolerate any spammers. By the way, this is a "no follow" link site.

Well, without any further ado, let's begin this journey and have fun with it! Thank you for visiting my site.